I am an award winning creative director/art director, currently freelancing for a number of advertising agencies, here in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and New York. I also do some client direct work. I have a quick grasp of the marketing communication needs and am able to translate them into concepts, and solutions.  My artistic abilities are unique and my talent for visualization speeds up the concepting process. I add extra creative spin to concepts. I have a discerning taste level with a good balance between marketing and creativity.

What differentiates me from my peers? My adaptability. I can lead a small army of creatives or I can work by myself and handle both art direction and writing well. I can also play in the middle of a team, where I can take direction from an ECD, and at the same time, throw in ideas that make everyone else better. Also I seem to take in account business goals and objectives, so I’m not just doing creative for creative sake, but look at the big picture and think of all the variables. Versatility, at the same time offers focus to each concept, with the ability to communicate easily with clients and employers so that necessary information is offered.

Who am I? Hard working, strong opinions and a healthy sense of humor, producing graphically strong work that gets attention. It’s not overly designed but more about a simplistic elegance that distills the idea down to it’s pure essence. I rely on my extensive experience, self motivation and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. I can perform a variety of tasks., lead, mentor and direct the work of creative teams and production staff. I pride myself with a wide degree of creativity and latitude and am a stickler for creative excellence, and I am a consensus-driven team leader.

What’s my mission? To do great work for clients who deserve it. Clients who know that brand’s aren’t built overnight. Clients who have the same commitment I have to realize their goals.